About us

About us

TutorCentro was formed on the founding principle that education be it academic, vocational or recreational is at the core of allowing people to achieve their potential in life. With a background of over ten years in private teaching and language tuition we are committed to offering the very best a tutoring platform has to offer, with a simple and easy to use service that enables students to learn from the best tutors in a way that suits their learning style.

TutorCentro offers tailored tuition online either 1 to 1 or as part of a group or in-person to anyone in the UK that wishes to learn any subject or skill. We provide private tuition, adult learning, preparation for A-levels and GCSEs exams, language courses and more.

Our mission is to make learning available and accessible to students, no matter their age, level of ability or background. We want to ensure that we are transparent and fair to both students and tutors alike to ensure that we create a successful and stimulating experience for all.

We have chosen the word Centro in Spanish because we intend to develop a global learning hub. TutorCentro is here to listen, to evolve, to adapt and to be honest in everything we do. We look forward to supporting your educational journey.


Help every individual to succeed in their learning goals by:

Making it easy and accessible to find a tutor
Giving every individual access to the best tutors
Encouraging every individual to reach their potential through a unique and innovative approach
Providing tutors who care about every student’s needs