Vorsprung durch Technik became one of the most unlikely advertising straplines in the 1980’s when it was used to advertise Audi motors to the UK consumer. Despite being strange sounding to the British ear it somehow managed to stick and for a brief period became part of popular culture, even though no-one really knew what it meant. It just sounded so German and that was enough.

Since then the German brand of supermarket shopping (you know who I’m taking about) has become an essential part of our lives along with the Stolen, Strudel, Bockwurst and Reisling served on their shelves.

German style Christmas markets are now widely held in towns all over the country. And Angela Merkel has been around so long she’s like a comforting aunt who always makes you feel that things are going to be OK.

So with all this familiarity with our German cousins, and a common ancestry the German language is still seen as a somewhat difficult and mysterious language to get into. 30 years since reunification Germany has a tremendous amount to be proud of and for many is still very much a land of opportunity and an economic and cultural powerhouse for anyone wanting to work or study there.

Why the Germans do it Better by John Kampfner has topped the Sunday Times Best seller list this year. Why? It can only be that we remain intensely curious about our European neighbours and what they have to offer. Why hold back any longer? Push back against the stereotypes and if you think German is your thing and you’d like to get a taster of what this rich language has to offer book one of our online tutors today.

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