France, is a country with a fascinating history, every street, every building and every place name often has a story to tell. So, if you’re in love with France like we are then learn the language before you go. You’ll get so much more out of your visit.

1. Build your vocabulary, even in short bursts every day.
The more you practice and rehearse vocabulary, the more you’ll teach your brain to recall French words. Gone are the days when you needed to flick through a book and then try to spell or recall the words you’d just spent so long trying to memorise.

There are so many apps available now that will help you to pick up vocabulary without it having to be a laboured process. The smartphone has made learning a language as immediate and stress free as playing your favourite online games.

2. Listening
Nothing beats listening to spoken French and finally being able to understand the gist and then the flow of a conversation. You suddenly feel that you’re starting to get somewhere even if you don’t quite know how to express yourself yet.

Streaming subtitled films and documentaries on your preferred streaming service of choice is a good way to start. So too is listening to French music and learning the lyrics of the chanteuse francaise. (Subtitles optional),

3. Learning to express yourself
Yes, it can’t be avoided. Sooner or later, you’re going to want to express yourself and show that you have something to say. Conversation is all about thinking in the moment of course and it’s hard to train your brain to do that without having someone else to talk to and take you in different directions. That’s where we can help.

An hour or two of conversation with a French tutor each week can really help you to build your confidence and get you speaking from the very first lesson.  Try booking your first lesson online. It’s easy and you can make a start today.

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